The Sudanese Development Organization (SDO)

The Sudanese Development Organization (SDO) is a Sudanese NGO established and registered in 2015 with the humanitarian aid commission (HAC) south Darfur state and our registration certificate is normally renewed every year. Sudanese Development Organization (SDO)   is not a religious, political or non-sectarian and non-profit-making organization, it is a humanitarian organization whose vision (improved education – health – environment)

Sudanese Development Organization MISSION STATEMENT

Water and Sanitation

Public Health Promotion

Capacity Building

Peace Building

Sudanese Development Organization VISION

Create technical Capacity Building depends on styles in preparing and ensuring the high quality of output achieved both quantitatively and qualitatively, in thought and performance in light of the availability of the elements of the rapid response to technical development and provide the community with qualified applicants in the field of the computer science technology that will also develop the community through education technology


Principles of the Sudanese Development Organization



We normally coordinate our activities with the Ministry of Culture and Media, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of social affairs, ministry of forest, ministry of education, HAC, community leaders, and other non-governmental organizations operating in the same area to avoid duplication of services.  All this is formalized by signing technical agreements with the stakeholders of which we have the copies